2009 Conference

The Global Politics of Food

78th Annual Couchiching Conference
August 6–9, 2009
The Global Politics of Food

Food is a basic building block of evolution and civilization. It lies at the heart of highly complex and political relationships. It nourishes and nurtures. It can also divide and destroy. Today’s headlines are full of food issues: security and safety of production, the health costs of poor dietary choices, the growing number of the world’s population without access to healthy and sufficient food. Among other hot topics – climate change and the environment, urbanization, corporate and government regulatory lapses – food emerges as a common thread, woven through most human concerns.

What are we to make of all this? We know enough to suspect that the enduring drought in Australia and the record number of farmers retiring in Canada will likely have some impact on our food choices and budget. But do we know enough to make far-sighted and wise decisions locally, nationally and globally to protect the world’s present and future food supply? The economic and political upheaval currently playing out on the world’s stages is a phenomenon long familiar to those thinking about food security.

All aspects of food supply, from production and processing through distribution to consumption, are subject to the vagaries of supply and demand. But food economics can be an immediate matter of life or death, bounty or famine. It’s time we caught up with this story.

We invite you to join us at the 2009 Couchiching Conference, where we will take a close look at the Global Politics of Food. If this is your first visit to Couchiching, you’re in for a uniquely intelligent and interesting experience.

If you’ve attended a previous conference, you know you can count on a stimulating intellectual and social weekend among old friends and new. Couchiching is a crucible of provocative questions, creative ideas and divergent discussions that are the product of the collective contributions of all who attend. While you’re getting an intense intellectual workout – moderated by eating, drinking, mingling and unwinding – you’ll become part of a unique Canadian tradition. It’s an experience to remember.

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