2013 Conference

One of the Indigenous prophecies, the 8th Fire, speaks of an era of building a new relationship between Indigenous Peoples and Canadians. Many believe we are living in this era. 2013 marks the 250th anniversary of the 1763 Royal Proclamation that affirmed indigenous rights to land and self-government. In 2013, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission will release its report and recommendations on the Indian Residential Schools and hopes to “guide and inspire Aboriginal peoples and Canadians in a process of reconciliation and renewed relationships that are based on mutual understanding and respect.”  Already this year, the Federal and Supreme Courts have made landmark decisions: one recognizing Métis and non-status Indians as “ Indians” and the other that the Federal Government failed in meeting its land obligations to the Métis People of Manitoba as part of the Red River Settlement of 1870.

The 2013 Couchiching Conference is a unique forum for open, non-partisan discussion about the significant historical and contemporary issues that affect the relations of Indigenous Peoples of Canada and Canadians. The conference is organized in the spirit of the 8th Fire. It will explore, under different frames (constitutional, social justice, economic, environmental, etc.), how we can move forward to create a just and mutually respectful relationship between Indigenous Peoples and Canada. 


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Ice Sentry by Aaron Paquette

Aaron Paquette is one of Canadaʼs premiere First Nations/Métis  artists, known for his bright colours, strong lines and for sharing new ways of looking at age-old experiences and beliefs. Based in Alberta, Aaron is also a writer and presenter. He will be participating as a speaker on Truth and Reconciliation, at the 2013 Couchiching Summer Conference. You can find out more about Aaron and view his work at http://www.aaronpaquette.net.


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Scholarship recipients: email mstern@baseconsulting,ca to arrange for a shuttle


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or call:  1-800-461-7529.

Contact at  YMCA Geneva Park :  1-705-325-2253

2016 Summer Conference

The Canada Project

Identity, Citizenship, and Nationhood in a Changing World

August 5-7, 2016
The YMCA Geneva Park Conference Centre, Orillia, ON

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