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1991 Summer Conference
Summer Conference 1991
Growing up on the Edge: The Emerging Generation and Canada's Future



Sue, What about issues, such as date rape, violence against women, sexual assault, that kind of thing. What are teens feeling about it, especially the young men?

We have to start at a very young age teaching males to have some awareness, some sensitivity about females, about the differences, how they are raised, the stereotypes they that live with and grow up with. Also the stereotypes that men are raised with and live with and grow up with. What I would like our children of the future to have is a greater sense of their own maleness and the femaleness, so that sex is not a commodity; that it is something that is pleasurable and enjoyable.

Melanie, You spoke about the fact your not allowed to grieve. Is this because of some native tradition or situation or is it something that is forced upon you by the white man?

That was just an example that I was using. Someone dies in your family, your mom dies and your dad can't deal with it so he doesn't help you grieve. Then, some way you have to release that emotion later.

Phlip, what would be most helpful to youths who find themselves on the street?

More services, if they're the same. Youths keep running into red tape. For instance, getting welfare can be very difficult because you don't have a permanent address; but you can't get a permanent address until you have money to put down first and last month's rent. Basically, to simplify some of the bureaucracy.

Phlip, is there any support out there for the parents of these children?

I know most addiction treatment centres have a family program, because it has been labelled a family disease. There's Alanon, Alateen, for the people who are the families of addicts.