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1991 Summer Conference
Summer Conference 1991
Growing up on the Edge: The Emerging Generation and Canada's Future



I would like to ask the panellists if they can give me an example of a situation in their life in which they are currently being led by, say, 13-year-olds?

Brock: The work I am involved in right now in terms of helping youth prepare for the big environment conference that is coming up in Brazil. We have just come through a series of six regional workshops across Canada designed to identify youth leaders and what we have attempted to do is find the younger leaders, to empower them to become involved in the work that we are doing. These younger people will be delegates to the Costa Rica conference. They will be the ones making the decisions, making the statements.

What is your definition of leadership to fit the kind of world that you would like to build?

Cassandra: The ability to take the energy that you have, that you are channelling in whatever direction you choose and to not only have a sense of direction for that energy and know it for yourself, but be able to present it to others and help them direct their energies into that sort of thing, if that is what they are choosing.

Selwyn: For me leadership represents a dream. I see leaders as dreamers and not necessarily the people who are always up at the front of the line or up at the podium, but the people who conceive a dream and are driven by a passion that comes out of that dream.

Brock: For me, the key aspect of leadership is being able to practice what you preach, leading by example. And I think anybody can be a leader, anybody who really acts on what they believe in is setting an example for others to follow. And by virtue of that, they are a leader.

What directly came out of the Spicer Commission that is actionable for youth?

Selwyn: I don't know that the Spicer Report is going to be any more significant than any of the other reports that come from many Royal Commissions that we set up. I think that it would be political suicide not to listen to what 700,000 Canadians have said, but I have a feeling that the politicians are bold enough to not listen.