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History Table of Contents
Summer Conference 1992 Competitiveness and Social Justice: How Can Canada Have Both?
Barkin, Martin
Brzustowski, Tom
Caplan, Gerald
Cote, Marcel
Coxe, Donald
Crane, David
Foot, David
Franssen, Margot
Galbraith, John Kenneth
Gerard, Leo
Hammarskjold, Knut
Hartt, Stanley
Hosek, Chaviva
Nicholson, Peter
Pomeroy, Fred W.
Richmond, Don
White, Julie
Wyman, Georgina

Proceedings of the 61st Annual Couchiching Conference held at
YMCA Geneva Park, Orillia, Ontario
August 6 to 9, 1992


Who's Who at the Couchiching Institute on Public Affairs

    Officers & Directors, 1991–92

John Gibson

Immediate Past President
Barbara Eastman

Vice-President, Communications and Marketing
Gordon K. McIvor

Vice-President, Finance and Treasurer
Mary Baetz

Vice-President, Membership
Madeline-Ann Aksich

Vice-President, Program
Stephen Probyn

Vice-President, Youth
Madeline Koch

John Gregory

Chair, Program Committee
John Kirton

1992 Conference Chair
David Lakoff


Christopher Boland
Martha Deacon
Yves Desjardins-Siciliano
Paul Fisher
Michael Greenspoon
John Godfrey
John D. Harbron
Craig Ivory
Eric Koch
Grace Lake
Brian Livingston
Nancy MacMillan
Peter Nicholson
Alan Pearson
Ulana Plawuszczak
Raju Rangaswami
Lana Robinson
Janet Skelton
Barbara Speck
Joseph Wells

    CIPA Program Committee

John Kirton
Stephen Probyn
David Lakoff
Andrew Coyne
Yves Desjardins-Siciliano
Barbara Eastman
Paul Fisher
Michael Greenspoon
Julia Grossman
John Harbron
Eric Koch
Tiziana Volpe
Irina Liner
Joe Martin
Kathleen Metcalfe
Mana Naghibi
Peter Nicholson
Bill O’Hara
Alan Pearson
Kenneth Scott
Janet Skelton
Barbara Speck
Hermance Desrochers-Gaucher
Lisanne Gaucher
Lynn Anne Robertson

1992 Donations to Couchiching

    Government and Corporate Donors

Aga Khan Foundation
Banque de Montréal
Bell Canada
Canada Trust
Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce
Cave Springs Winery
Ciba-Geigy Canada Ltd.
Connaught Laboratories
Costa Criger
Henry of Pelham Winery
Imperial Oil Limited
J.B. Bickell Foundation
(National Trust Company, Trustee)
Lafarge Canada Inc.
McLeish Communications Inc.
National Defence College
Royal Trust
Royal Bank of Canada
Shell Canada Limited
Spar Aerospace Limited
Spectrum Engineering
The Toronto Dominion Bank
The A. Sarlos Foundation
The London Life Insurance Company

    Individual Donors

Robert Aarsse
Karin Ahrland
Karin Ahrlano
Anthony Aksich
Madeline-Ann Aksich
M. Louis-Paul Allard
Guy Amireault
Manuel Angarita
Bluma/Bram Appel
Sydney Bacon
Mary Baetz/Robin Wilson
Robert and Marion Baker
Allan Barshaw
Bunnie Berke
Stephen Berke
Massimo Bernardinelli
Ulrike Billard-Florian
Clair W./Lois Bobier
John Bonner
Anelie Boubalo
Patrick Boyer, Q.C. M.P.
Ralph and Josette Branscombe
Gerald Bronfman
Donna Campbell
Lynn Casgrain
Julian Chipman
Susanne Chir-Stimpson
Jerome Choquette
Clive H. Clark
Phyllis M. Clark
Florabel Condy
Corey Copeland
Raoul Côté
Andrew Coyne
Michael Crelinsten
Guy P. Dancosse
Vera Danyluk
Lavery DeBilly
F. Martha Deacon
André Demers
Yves Desjardins-Siciliano
Michael A. Dinnick
Nancy Durnford
Barbara C. Eastman
Elizabeth Eastman
Timothy Egan
Diana M. Esch
Ben Fiber
Elizabeth Flavelle
Lenka Gagnon
John/Hena Gibson
Stephen Gibson
H. James Godber
Jean Godin
Victor Goldbloom
John Grant
Michael Greenspoon
Ernest Gregory
John Gregory
Rafki Greiss
Julius/Lynne-Marie Grey
Julia Grossman
Knut Hammarskjöld
Margaret Hanrahan
Elizabeth Hirst
Branislava M. Hodjera
Jean-Pierre/Claire Hogue
Lavigne Hubert
Frederic L.R. Jackman
Roswell James
Warren Jestin
Wanda Kaluzny
Morton Katz
Barbara Kincaide
Helene Kiockars
Nicole Kremmer
Marvyn/Sheila Kussner
Helena Lamed
Paule Lamontagne
Josee Langevin
Hubert Lavigne
Bernard Leebosh
Margaret Lefebvre
Pierre F. Lefevre
Yvon Legault
Richard Levin
Irving Levitt
Luigi Liberatore
Plum Lind Johnson
Gage H. Love
H. Ian/Dorothy MacDonald
Angus J. MacDowell
M.I. MacInnis
Nona Macdonald Heaslip
James Mackay
Sheila Mackenzie
John B. Manson
Andre Marcil
Joe Martin
Cécile Masse
Denise Matern
Gabrielle Matern
Krystyna Matula
Roderick McFadyen
David McGowan
Grant McIntosh
James F. McKay
Barbara McLeish
Bruce McNiven
Byron Messier
Kathleen/Brian Metcalfe
Laleh Moshiri
Peter B. Munsche
Mana Naghibi
Alessandro Natili
Peter Nicholson
Andree Noel
Jacques B. Noel
Christopher Norton
JoAnn Oberg-Muller
M. Ocouet
Lucille Panet-Raymond
Susan Papp
Elise Paul-Hus
Lucie Pepin
Ulana Plawuszczak
Danielle Pollack
David Powell
John Pratt
Scott Pritchard
Stephen Probyn
Michel Proulx
Gisele Richardson
Erik/Carolina Richer La Fleche
D.R. Ridley
B. Jeffrey Roach
Sheila J. Robb
Sheila A. Roberts
O. Robertson
Lorna Robson
Margory Seeley Rogers
Mark Roper
Elizabeth Roux
Alex Rubin
Andrée Ruffo
Carlos Manuel Sada-Solana
André Saumier
Jeanne/Maurice Sauvé
Sarah Scott
Justine Sentenne
Carmelita Sideco
Edgar Sideco
Ellen Sieniewicz
Bernard Simon
Gerald Singer
Betty Smith
Margaret Smith
Ricardo Smith
Marlene Sone
Bobbi Speck
Gennaro Stammati
Whipple Steinkrauss
Doreen Sternfeld
Blake Hebert Sutherland
Robert Swidler
McCarthy Tetrault
Barbara J. Thompson
Leslie Thorburn
Waclaw Tomkowski
Vincent Tovell
Martha Tsadilas
Hilton Tudhope
Lise/Philippe Valois
Francine Vincelette
Gerald R. Vincent
Ronald Walker
David Warren
Norman Webster
Hugh Westren
Joseph/Joyce Yanchula
Antoinette von Hahn
Brenda Proulx-Zosky

Conference Speaker Profiles

Martin Barkin
Martin Barkin is the CEO of Deprenyl Research Limited, a Canadian-owned pharmaceutical firm. As Ontario’s Deputy Minister of Health until last year, Dr. Barkin presided over a multi-billion dollar social service empire which remains on the front line in the struggle to meet social justice objectives with diminishing public resources.

Tom Brzustowski
Dr. Tom Brzustowski is Deputy Minister of the Premier’s Council on Economic Renewal. Previously Dr. Brzustowski taught engineering at the University of Waterloo for 25 years, and in 1987, he joined the Government of Ontario as Deputy Minister of Colleges and Universities.

Gerald Caplan
Mr. Caplan is a media commentator on Canadian, American and international affairs, a professional consultant in such areas as politics, government relations, broadcasting and the environment; and has published numerous books, articles and commentaries on these topics. Gerald Caplan served as Director of the CUSO program in Nigeria in the 1970s and as Manager of CUSO Canadian Operations. He has had extensive involvement with the New Democratic Party at both Federal and Provincial levels, where he was National Director, and currently is information advisor to the Premier of Ontario.

Marcel Côté
Marcel Côté is a senior partner of SECOR, a Montreal-based consulting firm. In 1989 and 1990, Mr. Côté was Director of Strategic Planning and Communication at the Prime Minister’s Office, in Ottawa. Previously, Mr. Côté was a senior aide to Robert Bourassa as economic and policy advisor in the Premier’s Office.

Donald Coxe
Mr. Coxe is one of North America’s leading investment strategists, specializing in the interpretation of long-term geo-political trends as they affect the world’s financial markets. Although based in New York, Mr. Coxe is associated with the Canadian investment dealer Gordon Capital Corp. and takes special interest in Canada’s role in international financial affairs.

David Crane
Mr. Crane is economics editor for the Toronto Star, Canada’s largest-circulated newspaper, writing on economic and political issues. David Crane is the author of three books, including his latest, The Next Canadian Century, which explores the financial and social challenges facing Canada.

David Foot
David Foot is Canada’s foremost demographer and author of numerous studies including "The Over Forty Society" (1988) which discusses the impact of an aging society on economic and social institutions. Dr. Foot is a professor of Economics at the University of Toronto.

Margot Franssen
Ms. Franssen is President of The Body Shop Canada, a unique retailer of skin and hair care products, highly respected for its distinctive approach to retailing and its commitment to profits with principles. Margot Franssen believes that business and industry have a responsibility to promote positive social change.

John Kenneth Galbraith
John Kenneth Galbraith is the Paul M. Warburg Professor of Economics Emeritus at Harvard University. He has taught at California, Princeton and the University of Cambridge, as well as, for most of his life, Harvard. Professor Galbraith was Deputy Administrator of the Office of Price Administration in Washington and was principal organizer of the wartime system of price control, which he headed until 1943. Galbraith is one of the world’s leading post-war economic thinkers. His books – American Capitalism (1952), The Affluent Society (1958), The New Industrial State (1967), and most recently The Culture of Contentment (1992) – have for decades shaped the terrain of debate on the question of" private wealth verses public good". A native of Iona Station, Ontario, Galbraith testified before the Royal Commission on Canada’s Economic Prospects.

Leo Gerard
Leo Gerard is National Director (Canada) for the United Steelworkers and Ontario Director for the last six years. He is chairperson of the board of the Occupational Health and Safety Clinic in Hamilton and was re-elected in 1990 as Vice-President of the Canadian Labour Congress.

Knut Hammarskjöld
Mr. Hammarskjöld is a Swedish diplomat, Chair and CEO, Atwater Institute-World Economy Centre, and Chairman of the Corporate Board of the Sydsvenska Dagbladet Newspaper Group in Sweden.

Stanley Hartt
Stanley Hartt is the Chief Executive Officer of Camdev Corp., formerly Campeau Corp. One of the key figures in the politics of the 1950s, Mr. Hartt served as Chief of Staff to the Prime Minister and Deputy Minister of Finance.

Chaviva Hosek
Ms. Hosek is Director of the National Liberal Caucus Research Bureau and Senior Policy Advisor to the Leader of the Liberal Party. Ms. Hosek was elected to the Ontario Legislature in 1987 and served as Minister of Housing and Special Advisor to the Premier of Ontario on Eastern European Initiatives.

Michael Kirby
Mr. Kirby is a nationally-known television commentator and a Senior Executive at opinion pollsters Goldfarb Consultants Ltd. Senator Kirby was a key advisor to Prime Minister Trudeau on constitutional affairs during the 1980s as Secretary to Cabinet for Federal-Provincial Relations.

Peter Nicholson
Mr. Nicholson is a Senior Vice-President with The Bank of Nova Scotia, responsible for strategic advice to the Chairman. Mr. Nicholson, who has a doctorate from Stanford University, taught computer science at the University of Minnesota and has served as a Member of the Legislative Assembly of Nova Scotia. Nr. Nicholson is a member of CIPA’s Board of Directors.

Fred W. Pomeroy
Mr. Pomeroy is president of the Communications and Electrical Workers of Canada (CWC), a Vice-President of the Canadian Labour Congress and Director of the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research. Mr. Pomeroy is a member of the Board of Directors of the Canadian Labour Market and Productivity Centre and sits on its Executive Committee.

Don Richmond
Mr. Richmond is the Commissioner of Community Services, Municipality of Metropolitan Toronto. Don Richmond is a former Senior Economist with the Ontario Economic Council.

Julie White
Ms. White is the National Manager of Public Affairs for Levi Strauss & Co. (Canada) Inc., where she has developed groundbreaking policies and programs in the areas of health, family and economic development. Ms. White is also President of the Canadian Women’s Foundation, and sits on the provincial Advisory Committee on New Social Assistance Legislation.

Georgina Wyman
Ms. Wyman is a Senior Vice-President, International Management at Bata Limited and was a key strategist in the Company’s return to Czechoslovakia this year. Prior to joining Bata, Georgina Wyman was Deputy Minister of Supply and Services.

Conference Program

    President’s Introductory Remarks
    Thursday, August 6, 1992, 7:30 p.m.


Keynote Address:
The Economic Problem: From Wish to Reality


Panel: The Canadian Crisis
Friday, August 7, 1992, 9:30 a.m.

PETER NICHOLSON, Senior V.P., The Bank of Nova Scotia
FRED POMEROY, President Communications & Electrical Workers Canada
Moderator: YVES DESJARDINS-SICILIANO, V.P., Canadian & Business Dev., ISM

Special Seminar: Inevitable Surprises –
Demographics and Our Future Society
Friday, August 7, 1992, 2:00 p.m.

DAVID FOOT, Department of Economics, University of Toronto
Moderator: MANA NAGHIBI, Program Committee, CIPA

Panel: Competing Visions
Friday, August 7, 1992, 7:30 p.m.

GERALD CAPLAN, Media Commentator
DONALD COXE, Portfolio Strategist
Moderator: JOHN HARBRON, Sr. Research Fellow, Canadian Inst. of Strategic Studies

Panel: Considering the Competition
Saturday, August 8, 1992, 9:30 a.m.

DAVID CRANE, Economics Editor, Toronto Star
KNUT HAMMARSKJÖLD, Chair & CEO Atwater Institute
GEORGINA WYMAN, Senior V.P., International Mgmt., Bata Limited
Moderator: JOHN KIRTON, Chair: Program Committee, CIPA

Discussion Groups
Saturday, August 8, 1992, 2:00 p.m.

JOE MARTIN, Partner, Deloitte & Touche – Science Innovation, Competition and the New Canada
JOE WELLS, Chairman of the Board, Ciba-Geigy Canada Limited – Social Responsibility: The Real Bottom Line
BILL O’HARA, Investment Advisor, RBC Dominion Securities – Voluntarism: Lesson in Delivering Competition and Compassion
KATHLEEN METCALFE, President, McWhinney, Metcalfe & Associates – Education: Spending the Most and Getting the Least
DIANA DURNFORD, Consultant, Canadian Space Agency – Competitiveness: Elements and Interrelationships

Panel: Delivering Compassion Efficiently
Saturday, August 8, 1992, 7:30 p.m.

MARTIN BARKIN, Health Care Practice Leader, Peat Marwick Stevenson Kellogg
DON RICHMOND, Commissioner of Community Services, Municipality of Metro Toronto
TOM BRZUSTOWSKI, Deputy Minister of the Premier’s Council on Economic Renewal
Moderator: ALAN PEARSON, President, Alan Pearson Associates Inc.

Panel: Competitiveness Through Compassion
Sunday, August 9, 1992, 9:15 a.m.

MARGOT FRANSSEN, President & Owner, The Body Shop
JULIE WHITE, National Manager for Public Affairs, Levi Strauss & Co.
Moderator: BOBBI SPECK, Founding Officer, Annex Village Campus

Panel: Designing the Ideal Canada
Sunday, August 9, 1992, 1:00 p.m.

LEO GERARD, National Director for Canada, United Steelworkers
STANLEY HARTT, Chair, President & CEO, Camdev Corporation
CHAVIVA HOSEK, Director of the National Liberal Caucus Research Bureau
Moderator: BARBARA EASTMAN, Immediate Past President, CIPA