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1993 Summer Conference
Summer Conference 1993
The Challenge of Lifelong Learning in an Era of Global Change

President's Message


The 1993 Conference will be long remembered by all those delegates who attended it. It was extremely professional in its architecture, substance and presentation, and provided Conference attendees with numerous forums to discuss more about 'Lifelong Learning'.

The Conference opened with an archival film on the Institute which included clips from a wide variety of personalities, with all of the participants enthusiastically endorsing the mission of the Institute. When the opening speaker of the Conference, the Honourable Frank McKenna, stepped up to the podium following this film presentation, he declared that he was both humbled and honoured to follow in such illustrious footsteps.

Anyone present at the Conference, which has been thoroughly recorded in the following pages, will acknowledge the powerful presence of the media at the 1993 event. Most of the nation's major television networks were represented, as well as both national and local (i.e. Southern Ontario) print media. Far more than adding an aura of excitement to the Conference, the presence of Canada's major media outlets insured that the message of Couchiching would be widespread, helping us to successfully carry out our mandate of providing a public affairs forum for Canadians from all walks of life.

As we stand on the edge of a new century, Couchiching is continuiung to prosper and evolve with the rapidly changing times. It has faced numerous challenges over its six decades of existence, and will undoubtedly face many more. The reason that the Institute is able to overcome the various roadblocks that are set out before it lies in the deep commitment of the many volunteers who work so hard on the various committees and management groups that make the Conference happen. In spite of a crisis in voluntarism which has occurred in an unstable economy, the Couchiching Institute continues to inspire an unshakable resolve to succeed on the part of all those who work for it.

It is through our historical strength, the quality of our speakers, the commitment of our volunteers and the cooperation from our media partners, that Couchiching will continue to flourish as a venerable Canadian Institution into the twenty-first century and beyond.