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1995 Winter Conference
Winter Conference 1995
The Changing Economy and Knowledge-Based Services:
How Will Canada Succeed?

President's Opening Remarks

STEPHEN PROBYN, President, CIPA, 1995

I am pleased to see you here in what used to be the casino of Capitalism and now is the Design Exchange.

This is an auspicious event for Couchiching It's part of one of the most active Couchiching programs in my memory.

We've had this year the Canadian Club Couchiching breakfast, featuring Sir Graham Day, and a round table at Trinity College with Barbara McDougall giving us her insights into what's happening in South Africa. In April, there will be another at TVOntario with Peter Herrndorf on the future of public broadcasting.

This year's (summer) conference, from August 10 to 13, promises to be one of the best ever. Canada and Latin America is the theme. We already have a number of confirmed speakers.

As well, the Canadian International Development Agency, CIDA, is going to make its first public presentation of a major scenario-building exercise that's been accomplished over the past year involving our future relationship with South America and Central America.

I think what we're going to see this summer will be the capstone of what is really a banner year in terms of activity, in terms of substance for this Institute.

In that context, I'm pleased to be welcoming you to this conference.

I think we're covering here a theme of exceptional importance and one that is reflected by the murals in this room, as we transit from resources to the Information Age.