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History Table of Contents
Summer Conference 1996 Citizens of the Electronic Village:
smartening up or dumbing down?
Bond, David
Dasko, Donna
Duggan, Ervin S.
Ellis, David
Godfrey, John
Lind, Phil
Pacey, Lucille
Powe, Bruce
Probyn, Stephen
Salter, Liora
Tacy, Will
Tipson, Frederick
Valaskakis, Gail
Veltman, Kim
Watson, Patrick
Proceedings of the 65th Annual Couchiching Conference held at
YMCA Geneva Park, Orillia, Ontario
August 8–11, 1996

    Compiled and edited by Douglas Glynn

    "Can the Electronic Village, in which we are all apparently destined to live, ever resemble the ancient Greek marketplace where not only business and market transactions took place, but great ideas were discussed and great concepts were born?"
    — Ervin Duggan, President and CEO of PBS

Who's Who at the Couchiching Institute on Public Affairs
Corporate, Government and Individual Donors
Conference Program

Who's Who at the Couchiching Institute on Public Affairs

    Officers & Directors, 1995-96

    Stephen Probyn

    Immediate Past President
    Gordon K. McIvor

    Vice-President, Program
    Gloria Bishop

    Vice-President, Finance
    Catherine Aczel Boivie

    David Braund

    Vice-President, Fund Raising
    Elizabeth Flavelle

    Vice-President, Communications
    Carol J. Sutton

    Vice-President, Membership
    Madeline Koch

    Barbara Thompson

    Chair, Program Committee
    Bill Roberts

    1995 Conference Chair
    F.W. Orde Morton

    Vice-President, Youth
    Megan Harris


Madeline-Ann Aksich
Trevor Bartram
Hal Brooks
Thomas Brzustowski
Donald Coxe
Barbara Eastman
John Gibson
John Harbron
Sol Kasimer
John Kirton
Eric Koch
David Lakoff
Margaret Lefebvre
David McGown
Peter Nicholson
Alan Pearson
Bobbi Speck
Sandra Wennerstrom

    Program Committee

Gloria Bishop
Madeline-Ann Aksich
Trevor Bartram
Thomas Brzustowski
Dougal Clark
Paul Ciufo
Brian Felske
Martha Findlay
Elizabeth Flavelle
John Harbron
David Lakoff
John Kirton
Eric Koch
Bill O'Hara
Keith Martin
F.W. Orde Morton
Alan Pearson
Bill Roberts
David Weiner
Alex Winch

1996 Donations to Couchiching

    Corporate and Government Donors and Sponsors

Alis Technologies
Bank of Montreal
Bell Canada
Bell Mobility
Canada Lands Company Limited
Canada News Wire Limited
Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce
Corel Corporation
Donner Canadian Foundation
Emilian Bobkowicz Ltd.
Henry of Pelham Family Estate Wineries
Immedia Production Corporation
Industry Canada
Jackman Foundation
Metrix Interlink
Molson Breweries
Probyn & Company
Royal Bank of Canada
Charitable Foundation
Shaw Cable
The Capital Hill Group
The Frank Lukas Foundation
United Distillers, Canada

    Individual Donors

Marion Baker
Catherine Boivie
Gerald & Marjorie Bronfman
Clair W. Lois Bobier
Andrew Bobkowicz
Roel and Dorothy Buck
John Butcher
Chi Carmody
Ann Cavoukian
E. Jane Condon
Barbara C. Eastman
Martha K. H. Findlay
Sean Finn
Alan B. Gold
John Harbron
Nona Macdonald Heaslip
Athanasios Katsarkas
Morton Katz
John Kirton
Madeline Koch
Margaret Lefebvre
H. Douglas Lightfoot
Roderick McFadyen
Linda McLeod
James F. McKay
David J. Moreira
Stephen G. Ross
Gisele Richardson
Jan Spencer
Eileen Swinton
Barbara J. Thompson
Peter Tindall
Julie White

Conference Program

Keynote Address
Thursday, August 8, 5:00 p.m, 7:30 p.m.

    ERVIN S. DUGGAN, President and CEO, PBS
    Moderator: STEPHEN PROBYN, President, CIPA

Prometheus Unbound Again: More Questions than Answers
Friday, August 9, 9:30 a.m. – 12:00 noon

    PHIL LIND, Vice-Chairman, Rogers Communications
    LUCILLE PACEY, Vice-President, Open Learning Agency
    KIM VELTMAN, Director, Perspective Unit, McLuhan Program
    Moderator: LIZ HOFFMAN, Chair, Steering Committee, Coalition for Public Information

Looming Chaos or a New Birth of Freedom?
Friday, August 9, 7:30 p.m.

    DAVID ELLIS, Communications Consultant, Author, Split Screen
    FREDERICK TIPSON, Vice-President, AT&T
    DONNA DASKO, Vice-President, Environics Research Group. Ltd.
    Moderator: LIZ HOFFMAN, Chair, Steering Committee, Coalition for Public Information

Let a Million Flowers Bloom
Saturday, August 10, 9:30 a.m. – 12:00 noon

    BRUCE POWE, York University; Author, Outage
    LIORA SALTER, Professor, Communications and Law, Osgoode Hall

    Moderator: ANN MEDINA, Chair, Cultural Industries Council of Ontario

Community or Solitude?
Saturday, August 10, 7:00 – 9:00 p.m.

    JOHN GODFREY, MP; former editor, Financial Post, former President, King's College
    GAIL VALASKAKIS, Dean, Faculty of Arts & Science, Concordia University
    Moderator: ANN MEDINA, Chair, Cultural Industries Council of Ontario

Brave New World
Sunday, August 11, 9:30 – 11:45 a.m.

    DAVID BOND, Vice-President, Government Affairs and Public Affairs, Chief Economist, HongKong Bank of Canada, and former President, Canadian Association of Broadcasters
    WILL TACY, New York Times World Wide Web site
    Moderator: F.W. ORDE MORTON, 1996 Conference Chair

Closing Address: The Canadian Response
Sunday, August 11, 1:15 p.m.

    PATRICK WATSON, film-maker, broadcaster, former Chair, CBC
    Moderator: GLORIA BISHOP, Vice-President, Program, CIPA