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Summer Conference 1997 Canada and the Asia–Pacific Promise: Hope, Hype and Reality
66th Annual Couchiching Summer Conference
Bronson, Diana
Copithorne, Maurice
Cox, Kathleen
Dias, Clarence
Kobayashi, Audrey
Lau, Emily
Macdonald, Bill
Makela, Kathleen
Manji, Irshad
McGregor, J. D.
Munro, Ross
Saravanamuttu, Johan
Shortreed, Ian
Tze, Wah Tun
Valaskakis, Kimon
Wah, Immee Chi
Yi, Sun-Kyung

Yuen, Tony

Proceedings of the 66th Annual Couchiching Conference held at
YMCA Geneva Park, Orillia, Ontario
August 7 to 10, 1997


Who's Who at the Couchiching Institute on Public Affairs

    Officers & Directors, 1996-97

Patrick Boyer, Q.C.

    Immediate Past President
    Stephen Probyn

    Vice-President, Program
    F.W. Orde Morton

    Vice-President, Finance
    Catherine Aczel Boivie

    David Braund

    Vice-President, Fund Raising
    Trevor Bartram

    Vice-President, Communications
    Sarah Jones

    Vice-President, Marketing
    Martha Findlay

    Vice-President, Membership
    Sandra Wennerstrom

    Vice-President, Youth
    Megan Harris

    Barbara Thompson

    Chair, Program Committee
    Bill Roberts


Madeline-Ann Aksich
Gloria Bishop
Hal Brooks
Thomas Brzustowski
Elizabeth Flavelle
John Gibson
John Harbron
John Kirton
Eric Koch
Madeline Koch
David Lakoff
Margaret Lefebvre
David McGown
Gordon McIvor
Peter Nicholson
Alan Pearson
Carol Sutton

    Program Committee

F.W. Orde Morton
Madeline-Ann Aksich
Trevor Bartram
Susan Bazilli
Gloria Bishop
Patrick Boyer
Martha Findlay
Megan Harris
Sarah Jones
John Kirton
Eric Koch
Elaine Labendz
Keith Martin
Alan Pearson
Bill Roberts
Alice Wong

1997 Donations to Couchiching

    Overall Corporate Sponsors

Bank of Montreal Group of Companies
Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade –
Canada's Year of Asia Pacific
Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade – John Holmes Fund

    Corporate Sponsors

Bell Canada
Bell Canada Int'l Inc.
J.P. Bickell Foundation
Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce
Canada Lands Company Limited
Canada National
Donner Canadian Foundation
Fauveshaus Advertising
Fonorola Inc.
The Glen Ardith-Frazer Group
Henry of Pelham Family Estate Wineries
Immedia Corporation
International Children's Institute
Jackman Foundation
MDS Inc.
Metrix Interlink
Northern Telecom Limited
Nova Corporation
Printech Print Communications
Probyn & Company Inc.
Royal Bank of Canada
Shaw Cable
Sir Joseph Flavelle Foundation
The Frank Lucas Foundation
Marjorie and Gerald Bronfman Foundation
The Tasting Rooms Restaurant
United Distillers, Canada

    Individual Donors

Madeline-Ann Aksich
Sonia Arrison
Richard Bingham
Harold Brathwaite
Hal Brooks
John Butcher
William Byrd
Chi Carmondy
Josephine Chung
Andrew Danson
John Desmarais
Blair Dimock
Jan-marie Divok
Claire Fortier
Virginia Froman
Alisa Garber
Alan B. Gold
Ken Goldberg
Judy Jacobs
Heather Kirkconnell
John Kirton
Eric Koch
Madeline Koch
H. Douglas Lightfoot
Roderick McFadyen
Gordon K. McIvor
David J. Moreira
Candida Paltiel
Frieda Paltiel
Chantal Perrot
Omer Riza
Stephen Ross
Frida Sauder
Nancy Schmidt
Michael Shaw
Bobbi Speck
Eileen Swinton
Annette Tromly
Josephine Virgilio
Sandra Wennerstrom
Michael Wolkensperg
Marvin Zucker

Conference Program

    Thursday, August 7, 1997

    President's Reception
    PATRICK BOYER, QC, President, CIPA

    Keynote Address: ROSS MUNRO
    Moderator: PATRICK BOYER, President, CIPA

    Friday, August 8, 1997

    Panel: The Strategic Centre of the World:
    Economic Dynamism and the Search for Stability in East Asia

    KIMON VALASKAKIS, Canadian Ambassador to the OECD, Paris
    KATHLEEN COX, Journalist and Consultant, New York and New Delhi
    JOHAN SARAVANAMUTTU, Visiting Professor of ASEAN and International Studies, Centre for International Studies, University of Toronto

    Moderator: DARYL COPELAND, Canadian Inst. of International Affairs, Toronto

    Panel: Hong Kong and China
    MAURICE COPITHORNE, Associate Counsel, Ladner Downs, Vancouver;
    Former Canadian Commissioner to Hong Kong
    EMILY LAU, Former elected member, Legislative Council of Hong Kong
    J. D. MCGREGOR, Former senior civil servant and elected member, Legislative Council of Hong Kong

    Moderator: HENRY FETIGAN, Chairman, Hong Kong-Canada Business Assoc. Coalition for Public Information

    Saturday, August 9, 1997

    Panel: A Meeting of Cultures and a Clash of Values:
    Living Together in an Independent World

    IMMEE CHEE WAH, Publisher, Maclean's Chinese language edition
    CLARENCE DIAS, International Centre for Law in Development, New York
    KATHLEEN MAKELA, Native Law Centre of Canada, University of Saskatchewan
    WAH JUN TZE, Director, Tzu Chi Institute, Vancouver
    Moderator: JOHN BELL, Ambassador for Canada's Year of Asia Pacific

    Panel: The Asian Dimension in Canada
    AUDREY KOBAYASHI, Queen's University, Kingston
    SUN-KYUNG YI, Filmmaker, Toronto
    IRSHAD MANJI, Vision TV, Toronto

    Moderator: MARGARET LYONS, Former Head of Programming, CBC Radio

    Sunday, August 11, 1996

    Panel: Canada's National Interest in the Asia Pacific:
    Trade and
    Investment, Political Change and International Security
    IAN SHORTREED, Mercury Software, Tokyo, Japan
    DIANA BRONSON, International Centre for Human Rights and Democratic Development, Montreal
    TONY YUEN, Nortel China Limited, Toronto

    Moderator: LEN EDWARDS, Assistant Deputy Minister, Trade and Economic Policy,
    and APEC Senior Official Meeting Chair, Department
    of Foreign Affairs and International Trade

    Closing Keynote Address:
    WILLIAM A. MACDONALD, Past Chairman, Japan Society in Canada
    Moderator: ORDE MORTON, Vice-President, Program, CIPA