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Summer Conference 2002

Couchiching 71st Annual Summer Conference 2002
August 8–11 at Geneva Park, Orillia, Ontario, Canada

    Session synopses, transcripts and photos are linked below from respective sessions.

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    Globalization has been generally viewed from the perspective of its perceived impact on nations, the economy and individuals. The summer 2002 Couchiching conference Cities and Globalization, will approach the issue through the lens of its impact on cities in both a domestic and global context.

    What makes a successful city? Where are the successful cities internationally?

    How are successful communities turning globalization to their advantage and mitigating its destructive effects? City-regions are summoning their energies to carve out an identity and maintain their historic role as economic engines, immigration melting-pots and cultural powerhouses in the midst of globalization phenomena such as migration, electronic funds transfer, organized crime, pollution, footloose jobs, Hollywood and Bollywood, terrorism, the Internet, communicable diseases, etc. In Canada, vibrant urban regions depend on more than municipal taxes to provide the infrastructure to support their vital contribution to national life; yet electoral realities bias senior levels of government against the needs of cities. What role can the people who live in these communities play?

    These are some of the questions that will be addressed at this summer’s conference.

    The Couchiching Institute on Public Affairs is Canada’s oldest public affairs forum, bringing Canadians together for over 70 years. Our mission is to encourage active discussion among Canadian citizens on issues of importance to the country and the economy. A volunteer-based organization, the Institute relies on the contributions of its members, its corporate sustaining donors and government to ensure that Canadians continue to benefit from the opportunity to debate and better understand the public issues that affect their day-to-day lives.

    At the Couchiching Conference, we can all have a say, so be part of the "Couch" experience!

    Couchiching: it’s a civil place to disagree.



PhotoMAX NG’ANDWE, Colonel (retired), Immediate Past President, International Union of Local Authorities: President, Local Government Association of Zambia (bio)

Born in Zambia, Africa, Max Ng’andwe has been a political activist since pre-independence struggles in Zambia (1960’s). Since 1991 he has been involved in Local Government at council, national, regional, and global levels. Served as Councillor, Mayor of Kabwe, President of Local Government Association of Zambia, Vice-President and then President of African Union of Local Authorities, Board member of Municipal Development Programme – East and Southern Africa, First Vice-President and then President of International Union of Local Authorities. Member of UN Advisory Committee on Local Authorities.

    MARGARET LEFEBVRE, President, CIPA (bio)


    Session Two – Local Governance in a Globalized World

    YVES DUCHARME, Mayor, City of Gatineau and Second Vice-President, Federation of Canadian Municipalities (bio)
    COUNCILLOR CHRISTINE MAY, Leader, Administration of Fife Council and Member, Commission for Constitutional Affairs and European Governance of the EU Committee of the Regions (bio)
    BARBARA HALL, Former Mayor of Toronto; Former Chair, National Strategy on Community Safety and Crime Prevention (bio)
    F. LESLIE SEIDLE, Research Associate, Family Network, Canadian Policy Research Networks (bio)

    Session Three – Globalization and Local Autonomy: Why There’s Never Enough Money

    FRANCES FRISKEN, Professor Emerita/Senior Scholar, York University (bio)
    DR. ANNE GOLDEN, President and Chief Executive Officer, The Conference Board of Canada (bio)
    SHIRLEY HOY, Chief Administrative Officer, City of Toronto (bio)
    ENID SLACK, President, Enid Slack Consulting Inc. (bio)

    JAMES W. KNIGHT, Member, NRTEE’s Urban Sustainability Task Force & CEO, Federation of Canadian Municipalities (bio)

    Session Four – Social Inclusion in the Globalized Urban Environment

    RÉNE LAVOIE, Directeur general, Action Séro Zéro (bio)
    RIMA BERNS McGOWN, Writer/independent scholar (bio)
    ROGER OBONSAWIN, President, O.I. Group (bio)


    Session Five – Livable Local Communities: Pollution Sans Frontières?

    DAVID LEWIS STEIN, Adjunct Professor, Innis College, University of Toronto, novelist, politicial commentator, Toronto Star et al. (bio)
    DR. JAMES ORBINSKI, Saul Rae Fellow, Massey College & Munk Centre for International Studies, University of Toronto; Former President Médecins Sans Frontières International (bio)
    E. BROCK CARLTON, Director, International Centre for Municipal Development, Federation of Canadian Municipalities (bio)
    LUCIEN BRADET, Director General, Sustainable Cities Initiatives, Industry Canada (bio)

    Discussion Groups (suggested topics)

  • Federal Role in Supporting Cities
  • Impact of Globalization on Citizens Who Live in Rural Areas
  • Urban Immigration Issues
  • Children Growing in Large Urban Environments (child poverty)

    Session Six – Urban Diversity and Cultural Expression: The Coca-colonization of Local Identities?

    LINDA LEITH, President & Artistic Director, Blue Metropolis Montreal International Literary Festival (bio)
    LORRAINE SEGATO, Recording Artist and Filmmaker, Get Off My Dress Productions (bio)
    DEANNE TAYLOR, Playwright and Director, Co-Director of the theatre company VideoCabaret (bio)
    ADAM OSTRY, Program Chair, CIPA Board Member (bio)


    Session Seven – Internet Intercourse: Where Do You Live?

    MARK BAUMGARTNER, B.Sc., BPHE, Medical Student, UWO Class of 2003; Founder, (bio)
    DOUG HULL, Senior Director, Public Access/Learning Networks (bio)
    JOHN O’LEARY, President, Frontier College (bio)

    MARK SURMAN, President, The Commons Group (bio)

    Closing Keynote
    Building Strong and Secure Urban Communities in a Changing World


P.C., M.P., Minister of Transport (bio)

David Collenette was first elected to the House of Commons in 1974. he was appointed Minister of Transport on June 11, 1997 and is the Minister responsible for the Greater Toronto Area. During his 16 years in Parliament, he has held the portfolios of National Defense, Veterans Affairs, and Ministry of State (Multiculturalism). In the private sector, Mr. Collenette has worked in the life insurance, plastics, and executive recruitment fields, and was executive vice-president of a leading executive search firm.

    DAVID McGOWN, Vice-President Program, CIPA Board Member (bio)


Bank of Montreal
Bell Canada Corporate Philanthropy Program
Bell Canada Enterprises
The Burton Charitable Foundation
Department of Immigration
Henry of Pelham
Industry Canada
Intergovernmental Affairs
Jackman Foundation
NATIONAL Public Relations
National Round Table on the
Environment and the Economy
Probyn & Company
Probyn Eastman Ltd.
RBC Financial Group
Via Rail
Vision TV


    Ambrose Hearn   Anne Oaks
    Sharon Baltman Lorie Phair
    Jane Bartram Sylvia Pivko
    Catherine Boivie Gisele Richardson
    John Bonner Stephen Ross
    Gloria Buchanan Dave Shea
    Roel & Dorothy Buck Gloria Shulman
    John Butcher Joanne Steadman
    E. Jane Condon Guthrie Stewart
    Alan B. Gold Alexander K. Stuart
    Madeline Koch Eileen Swinton
    Naomi Lee Louise Tardif
    Antony Marcil Barbara J. Thompson
    Roderick McFadyen Robert Waite
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