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Couchiching Award for Public Policy Leadership

Escott Reid, Couchiching, and the Birth of NATO,
an Atlantic Council Member’s Paper by Cameron Campbell

Copyright © 2008 Couchiching Institute on Public Affairs
All rights reserved.

Summer Conference 2010

Watershed Moment or Wasted Opportunity

Corriero, Jennifer
Flaherty, The Hon. Jim
Flanagan, Tom
Golden, Anne
Heath, Joseph
Himelfarb, Alex
Homer-Dixon, Thomas
Jenkins, Tom
Jiang, Wenran
Knight, Andy
Le Pan, Nicholas
Macmillan, Margaret
Martin, Roger
Martin, The Rt. Hon. Paul
Mccoll, Velma
Redish, Angela
Rubin, Jeff
Saunders, Doug
Shenai, Neil
Wintonick, Peter
Yalnizyan, Armine

Thursday Evening Opening Keynote: Margaret MacMillan

Friday Morning Keynote Address: The Honourable Jim Flaherty

Watershed Moment: How did we get here?

Now What? Innovation and Global Competitiveness

The Role of the State

Saturday Morning Keynote Address: The Rt. Hon. Paul Martin

Shifts in Global Power

Presentation of the Annual Couchiching Award
for Excellence in Public Policy Leadership

Bonfire of the Vanities

Wasted Opportunity? Investing in the Long Term

Closing Keynote Address: Doug Saunders

Summer Conference 2009

The Global Politics of Food

Burton, Ian
Clapp, Jennifer
Coxe, Donald L.
Doering, Ronald
Ellis, Richard
Field, Debbie
Friedmann, Harriet
Hasan, Emrul
Hodgson, Glen
McAlpine, Rory
McCalla, Alex
Mooney, Pat
Mowling, Ray
Off, Carol
Reguly, Eric
Walsh, Susan
Watson, Samy
Weston, Galen G.

Opening Keynote Address:
Global Pressures That Will Shape the Politics of Food

Production and Cultivation:
How Can the World Produce Enough Food to Go Around?

Distribution and Distortion:
How Can We Get Enough Food to Everyone Who Needs It?

Food Safety and Regulation — How Safe Is Safe Enough?

The Politics of Diet: How Can We Strike the Right Balance?

The Future of Food(s): What Will Our Children Eat?

Closing Keynote: The Global Politics of Food: What Now?

First Annual CIPA Youth Contest

Summer Conference 2008

The Power of Knowledge:
The New Global Currency

Buxton, Bill
Clarke, Michael
Drassinower, Abraham
Dumaine, Carol
Ebrahim, Zahra
Gordon, Cindy
Jolliffe, Scott
Keen, Andrew
Knopf, Howard
Lynch, Kevin
Oguamanam, Chidi
Rossant, Janet
Sinclair, Gerri
Smith, Richard
Stanford, Jim
Stoddart, Jennifer
Stohn, Stephen
Sullivan, Paul
Wilson, Ian

Opening Keynote Address: The Uncertain Path from Noise to Wisdom

What Knowledge Explosion?

Globalization and Competitiveness

A Debate: Citizen Journalism or Amateur Hour?

Beyond Copyright: Liberators or Thieves

Creating Knowledge: Creating Value

Intellectual Property: Patents, Profits or People

Security: Government, Openness and Connections

Summer Conference 2007

The Stranger Next Door:
Making Diversity Work

Adams, Michael
Andrew, Joan
Body-Gendrot, Sophie
Clements, Marie
Gross Stein, Janice
Habaconc, Alden
Hill, Lawrence
Jonas, George
Kymlicka, Will
Lacey, Veronica
Lines, Chief Superintendent Kate
Macklin, Audrey
McAndrew, Marie
Nawaz, Zarqa
Omidvar, Ratna
Pettigrew, Pierre
Ramadan, Tariq
Shamas Jiwa, Farouk
Siddiqui, Haroon
Studin, Irvin
Watts, Bob
Wong, Milton

Introductory Panel: Uneasy Partners

Opening Keynote Address: The Challenge of Diversity

Canada – Who Shall We Be?

Unleashing All Our Diversity of Talents

Diversity & Security: Diverse Threats to Security?

Are Canadian Institutions Adapting to Diversity?

Putting Diverse Talents to Work

Is There a Mainstream Canadian Culture?

What Does Citizenship Mean in a World Without Borders?

Closing Keynote: Where Do We Go From Here?

Summer Conference 2006

Wedded to Progress:
For Better, For Worse

Allen, Lillian
Basrur, Sheela
Chong, Michael
Ebrahim, Salimah
Golden, Anne
Greenhill, Robert
Hollingsworth, Michael
Ibbitson, John
Kingwell, Mark
Kohli, Atul
Larbi, Madonna
Magubane, Zine
Maracle, Brian
May, Elizabeth
Rakoff, Vivian
Saul, John Ralston
Tenner, Edward
Timmerman, Peter
Vassos, Tom
Weigelt, John

Opening Keynote Address

From the Personal…

Technology and Innovation: Until Death Do Us Part...

The Paradox of Progress — Unintended Consequences

To the Political: Africa and the Developing World — Progress Questioned

The Story of Progress

Canada Looking Forward: Making Progress Happen

Closing Keynote Address: Rediscovering the Sense of Action and Leadership

Summer Conference 2005

Handcuffs and Hand Grenades:
The Use of Force Within and Between Nations

Abai, Mulugeta
Barbier, Mary Kathryn
Borovoy, Alan
Bradley, Peter
Braverman, Irus
Gordon, Nancy
Heinbecker, Paul
Jenness, Craig
Leslie, Andrew
Mackenzie, Lewis
Palmer, Elizabeth
Pepler, Debra
Ramkhalawansingh, Ceta
Regehr, Ernie
Silverberg, Christine
Taylor, Mark
Tremblay, Richard
Wohlfeld, Monika 

Opening Keynote Address

Socialization and Force from the Kitchen to the Screen

Force and the State

When to Use Force and When to Avoid It

Force in a Single Superpower World

Canada’s Position on the Use of Force Internationally

Closing Keynote Address

Summer Conference 2004

God’s Back — with a Vengeance

Adams, Michael
Ahmed, Ali Jimale
Armstrong, Karen
Berlin, David
Beyer, Peter
Buckman, Robert
Cauchon, Martin
Graham, Patrick
Jaffer, Mobina
Kavakci, Merve
Lamba, Rinku
Land, Richard
Lugo, Luis E.
Marshall, Katherine
Novak, David
Orsi, Robert
Post, Jerrold
Rogers, Melissa
Simmons, Harvey
Tamar Paltiel, Candida
Tavakoli-Targhi, Mohamad
Zine, Jasmin 

Contemporary Voices: The VisionTV Address on Religion and Public Life

Clarification of the Issues

The Causes of the Religious Revival

A Meeting of Minds: Iran and Israel

The Canadian Situation

Getting Down to Cases: France, Turkey and India

The American Religion

Religion vs. Pluralism

Closing Keynote: Summary of the Conference

Summer Conference 2003

Continentalism: What’s in it for us?

Asner, Edward
Atkey, P.C., Q.C., Ronald
Axworthy, The Hon. Lloyd
Carvajal Isunza, Gustavo
DePalma, Anthony
Dieck-Assad, Maria De Lourdes
Dodge, David A.
Fauver, Robert
Graham, Bill
Graham, Jr., Ambassador Thomas
Handelman, Stephen
Hurtig, Mel
Jacques, Renée
Kelly, Stephen
Loy, Frank
Maxwell, C.M., Judith
McDonald, Elizabeth
Nymark, Alan
Rozental, Ambassador Andrés
Westell, Anthony
Wilson, The Hon. Michael
Yussuff, Hassan 

Opening Keynote Address: Continentalism

Keynote Speaker: The Big Idea, the Grand Bargain, the Vanishing Country

Sovereignty or Standard of Living?

Is There a NAFTA Plus?

What Kind of North America do Canadians Want?

From Norad to Northcom: Who takes orders from whom?

Trading Cultures: At what price national identity?

Take my Pollution...Please

Closing Keynote: Sovereignty, Interdependence and Integration 

Summer Conference 2002

Cities and Globalization: Communities in a Changing World

Baumgartner, Mark
Berns Mcgown, Rima
Carlton, E. Brock
Collenette, The Hon. David
Ducharme, Yves
Frisken, Frances
Golden, Anne
Hall, Barbara
Hoy, Shirley
Hull, Doug
Lavoie, Réne
Lefebvre, Margaret
Leith, Linda
Lewis Stein, David
May, Christine
Ng'andwe, Max
O'Leary, John
Obonsawin, Roger
Orbinski, James
Segato, Lorraine
Slack, Enid
Taylor, Deanne 

Session One – Opening Keynote: Cities of the World Unite:
Toward a League of Cities?

Session Two – Local Governance in a Globalized World

Session Three – Globalization and Local Autonomy:
Why There’s Never Enough Money

Session Four – Social Inclusion in the Globalized Urban Environment

Session Five – Livable Local Communities: Pollution Sans Frontières?

Session Six – Urban Diversity and Cultural Expression:
The Coca-colonization of Local Identities?

Session Seven – Internet Intercourse: Where Do You Live?

Session Eight – Closing Keynote: Building Strong and Secure Urban Communities in a Changing World

Summer Conference 2001

Globalization and Democracy: Whose World Is It?

Agnew, David
Campbell, Rt. Hon. Kim
Conlon, Michael
Dowdeswell, Elizabeth
Fraser, Matthew
Gibson, Douglas M.
Gillespie, A. Ian
Greenhill, Robert
Harcourt, Michael
Hartt, Stanley
Lortie, Marc
McCunn-Miller, Patricia
McGuinty, David J.
Ostry, Sylvia
Pettigrew, Hon. Pierre
Pilon, Robert
Probyn, Stephen
Riche, Nancy
Salutin, Rick
Wiwa, Owens
Znaimer, Moses 

Keynote address: Globalization and Democracy: Whose World Is It?

In the Name of Connectivity

In the Name of Sustainability

In the Name of Prosperity

In the Name of Humanity

In the Name of Cultural Identity

In the Name of Governance

Closing keynote: In the Name of Canada

Summer Conference 2000

The Future of Health in Canada: The Art of the Possible

Armstrong, Patricia
Backlar, Patricia
Bates, Donald
Dale-Johnson, Vern
Decter, Michael
Evans, Robert
Golden, Ann
Guerriere, Michael
Joubert, Natacha
Kenney, Nuala
Kerr, Gretchen
Marcheterre, André
Marmot, Sir Michael
Mustard, J. Fraser
Offord, David (Dan)
Pawson, Anthony
Rock, The Hon. Allan
Roos, Noralou
Smith, Michael
Tarlov, Alvin R.
Wilson, Michael
Wolfson, Michael

Proceedings of the 69th Annual Couchiching Conference held at
YMCA Geneva Park, Orillia, Ontario, August 10–13, 2000

Compiled and edited by Madeline Koch

Opening Keynote

Session I: What is Health? What exactly are we striving for?

Session II: How Healthy are Canadians? What recent research tells us.

Session III: Medicines in our Future

Session IV: The Personal Impact of Technological Possibilities:
How will technology change our lives? What issues will it raise?

Session V: Passing By on the Other Side

Session VI: Mental Illness in the Family: A Personal View

Session VII: The Citizen and the Health System: Rights and responsibilities

Session VIII: What Promotes and Sustains Good Health?
Lifestyle, Interventions and Evidence

Closing Keynote: "To Our Very Good Health"


Summer Conference 1999

Science, Ethics & Human Destiny

Davies, Paul
Gray, John
Kingwell, Mark
Knoppers, Bartha Maria
Maddox, Sir John
McDonald, Art
Miller, Sherrill
Milne, Courtney
Murchland, Bernard
Percy, John
Polanyi, John
Savory, Eve
Schabas, Margaret
Serageldin, Ismail
Somerville, Margaret
Strong, Maurice
Worton, Dr. Ronald

Proceedings of the 68th Annual Couchiching Conference held at
YMCA Geneva Park, Orillia, Ontario, August 5–8, 1999

Compiled and edited by Douglas Glynn

"We keep on asking the same questions. How was the universe built? How does life go on? Where is the mind? All questions asked quite cogently by Aristotle more than two and a half thousand years ago."
– Sir John Maddox, Former Editor, Nature

President's Message

Contemporary Astronomy: Where are we in time and space?

Science and Technology: To what will they lead us?

A Personal Perspective: John Polanyi

When Science Meets Culture: What do we do with scientific knowledge?

Keynote Address: Are we alone? The search for life beyond Earth

Governance and Vision: Will global interdependence be our destiny?

The Sacred Earth

Ethics and a Sense of Meaning: What is it that we must do?

Science, Ethics and Human Destiny: A Synthesis


Winter Conference 1999

The New Europe and the Atlantic Relationship
Growth, change and opportunities...a comprehensive evaluation

Black, Conrad
Coxe, Donald
Hunter, Ambassador Robert
Macdonald, Hon Donald S.
Merritt, Giles
Ostry, Dr. Sylvia
Pöhlmann, Ambassador Jürgen
Portillo, Rt. Hon Michael
Smedja, Ambassador Danielle
Voigt, Dr. Karsten


Defining the Atlantic Relationship

The New Europe at a Crossroads

The New Euro Currency: Implications for Canada and the

US, North America and Europe, The Next 50 Years

Summer Conference 1998

Rethinking Canada for the 21st Century

Adams, Michael
Blanchard, Governor James
Bouchard, Micheline
Coates, Dan
Connell, Martin
Cook, Peter
Courchene, Thomas
Culpeper, Roy
Dubois, Rene-Daniel
Ellsworth, Qajaaq
Gray, John
Hall, Barbara
Jerome-Forget, Monique
Martin, Hon. Paul
Nicholson, Peter
Oliver, Senator Donald
Owram, Dr. Douglas
Paquet-Sevigny, Therese
Shields, Carol
Zussman, David


Proceedings of the 67th Annual Couchiching Conference held at
YMCA Geneva Park, Orillia, Ontario, August 6–9, 1998

Compiled and edited by Douglas Glynn

"The single world market does not trade in the currency of
individual needs. Only governments will recognize their
inherent worth and only governments will fight on their behalf."
– Hon. Paul Martin, Minister of Finance

Global Challenges: What global forces will affect Canada over the next generation?

Meeting the challenge: In a global society in crisis and rapid change, at what do we excel; where do we fail?

Keynote Address: The view from outside

Canadian enterprise and ingenuity: Success stores in institutional innovation: private sector/NGO/not-for-profit/public sector.

An Historical perspective: Canada responding to the challenges of the new century

Searching for a preferred Canadian scenario

The Canadian Essence: What will it mean to be a Canadian in the 21st century?

Synthesis: Pathways to a Canadian future

Summer Conference 1997

Canada and the Asia-Pacific Promise: Hope, Hype and Reality

Bronson, Diana
Copithorne, Maurice
Cox, Kathleen
Dias, Clarence
Kobayashi, Audrey
Lau, Emily
Macdonald, Bill
Makela, Kathleen
Manji, Irshad
McGregor, J. D.
Munro, Ross
Saravanamuttu, Johan
Shortreed, Ian
Tze, Wah Tun
Valaskakis, Kimon
Wah, Immee Chi
Yi, Sun-Kyung
Yuen, Tony


Proceedings of the 66th Annual Couchiching Conference held at
YMCA Geneva Park, Orillia, Ontario, August 7–10, 1997

Compiled and edited by Douglas Glynn

"I think it's really quite vain of us, particularly in a small country like Canada, but vain and arrogant of large a country like the United States, that it feels it can manipulate things, so that we can actually change the political culture in China."
– Ross Munro, Co-author of The Coming Conflict with China

Keynote Address

The Strategic Centre of the World: Economic Dynamism
and the Search for Stability in East Asia

Hong Kong and China

A Meeting of Cultures and a Clash of Values:
Living Together in an Interdependent World

The Asian Dimension in Canada

Canada's National Interest in the Asia Pacific:
Trade and Investment, Political Change and International Security

Closing Keynote Address


Summer Conference 1996

Citizens of the Electronic Village:
Smartening up or dumbing down?

Bond, David
Dasko, Donna
Duggan, Ervin S.
Ellis, David
Godfrey, John
Lind, Phil
Pacey, Lucille
Powe, Bruce
Probyn, Stephen
Salter, Liora
Tacy, Will
Tipson, Frederick
Valaskakis, Gail
Veltman, Kim
Watson, Patrick

Proceedings of the 65th Annual Couchiching Conference held at
YMCA Geneva Park, Orillia, Ontario, August 8–11, 1996

Compiled and edited by Douglas Glynn

"Can the Electronic Village, in which we are all apparently destined to live, ever resemble the ancient Greek marketplace where not only business and market transactions took place, but great ideas were discussed and great concepts were born?"
– Ervin Duggan, President and CEO of PBS

Keynote Address

Prometheus Unbound Again: More Questions than Answers

Looming Chaos or a New Birth of Freedom?

Let a Million Flowers Bloom

Community or Solitude?

Brave New World

Closing Keynote Address

Winter Conference 1995

The Changing Economy and Knowledge-Based Services:
How Will Canada Succeed?

Arnold, Hugh J.
Baetz, Mary
Coyne, Andrew
Herrndorf, Peter
Probyn, Stephen
Smith, Geoffrey
Thomas, Grant
Whittaker, Sheelagh


Proceedings of the 1995 Winter Conference held at the
Design Exchange, Toronto, Ontario
Thursday, March 23, 1995

Compiled and edited by Douglas Glynn

"A new technology does not add or subtract something. It changes everything."
— Neil Postman, Technopoly.

What We Know and What We Don't

Public-Private Partnerships

Implications for Workers and Business

Selling Canada's Knowledge-Based Services in Foreign Markets 

Summer Conference 1995

The New New World: Canada in the Americas

Eduardo Anina
Richard Aitkenhead
Laura Bonaparte
Jean Daudelin
Joel Garneau
James Nelson Goodsell
Susan Kaufman-Purcell
Alfonso Lopez
The Hon. Roy MacLaren
Jack C.M. Ogelsby
Andrew Oppenheimer
Halina Ostrovski
Francisco Sagasti
Jaime Suchlicki
Andres Rozental
Alberto J. Verme 


Keynote Address

The Legacy of History: Two Americas or One?

The Hemispheric Marketplace: A Level Playing Field?

Nunca Mas, Never Again: Can Democracy Take Root?

Exporing Alternative Futures for the Americas: Four Scenarios

Making a Common Future Work

Closing Keynote Address

Summer Conference 1994

Globalism and Tribalism: The New World Disorder

Broadbent, Hon. Edward
Coxe, Donald
Frum, David
Graham, William
Hugh-Jones, Stephen
Ignatieff, Michael
Kuptana, Rosemarie
Masse, Hon. Marcel
Maybury-Lewis, David
McIvor, Gordon
Mossberg, Barbara
Salée, Daniel
Saumier, André
Spicer, Keith
Zingrone, Frank


Proceedings of the 63rd Annual Couchiching Conference held at
YMCA Geneva Park, Orillia, Ontario, August 4–7, 1994

Compiled and edited by Douglas Glynn

"We are making excuses for ourselves, when we dismiss the Balkans as a sub-rational zone of extractable fanaticism. These people had to be transformed from neighbours into enemies."
– Michael Ignatieff, Blood and Belonging: Journeys into the New Nationalism.

Keynote Address: The New World Disorder?

Globalism: Threat or Opportunity

Tribalism: Recreating Community

Nationalism: Can the Nation-State Cope?

Media and National Mythologies in the Global Marketplace

Governance: How Will Democracy Survive the New Politics?

Closing Address: The Canadian Response 

Summer Conference 1993

The Challenge of Lifelong Learning in an Era of Global Change

Barton, Richard
Brzustowski, Tom
De Kerckhove, Derrick
Dominico, Richard
Flood, Al
Green, Joan
Lazar, Harvey
McIvor, Gordon
McKay, Michael
McKenna, Frank
Mustard, Dr. Fraser
Parr-Johnston, Elizabeth
Ralston Saul, John
Tapscott, Don
Veltman, Kim
Wright, Douglas


Proceedings of the 62nd Annual Couchiching Conference held at
YMCA Geneva Park, Orillia, Ontario, August 5–8, 1993

Compiled and edited by Douglas Glynn

"Human history becomes more and more a race between education and catastrophe."
– H. G. Wells

Building a Learning Culture

Special Seminar: Computers and the Transformation of Knowledge

Special Seminar: Paradigm Shift

The Economic Challenge

Special Seminar: The Dictatorship of Reason

Delivering Educational Excellence 

Summer Conference 1992

Competitiveness and Social Justice: How Can Canada Have Both?

Barkin, Martin
Brzustowski, Tom
Caplan, Gerald
Cote, Marcel
Coxe, Donald
Crane, David
Foot, David
Franssen, Margot
Galbraith, John Kenneth
Gerard, Leo
Hammarskjold, Knut
Hartt, Stanley
Hosek, Chaviva
Nicholson, Peter
Pomeroy, Fred W.
Richmond, Don
White, Julie
Wyman, Georgina


Proceedings of the 61st Annual Couchiching Conference held at
YMCA Geneva Park, Orillia, Ontario
August 6 to 9, 1992

Compiled and edited by Kildare Dobbs

Keynote Address – The Economic Problem: From Wish to Reality

Panel: The Canadian Crisis

Special Seminar: Inevitable Surprises – Demographics and Our Future Society

Panel: Competing Visions

Panel: Considering the Competition

Panel: Delivering Compassion Efficiently

Panel: Competitiveness Through Compassion

Panel: Designing the Ideal Canada 

Summer Conference 1991

Growing up on the Edge:
The Emerging Generation and Canada's Future

Arima, Philip
Atkins, Drew
Cadiuex, Hon. Pierre
Craig, Aaron
Dickinson, Brock
Extavour, Cassandra
Goodchild, Melanie
Gow, Kathleen
Hawkins, Gordon
Hicks, Selwyn
Johanson, Sue
Kelley, David
Koch, Eric
Lebel, Anne
Mackenzie, Michael
MacNevin, Karen
Murray, Catherine
Rakoff, Dr. Vivian
Ruffo, Judge Andree
Stewart, Lorne
Straw, Will
Wheaton, Melanie


Proceedings of the 60th Annual Couchiching Conference held at
YMCA Geneva Park, Orillia, Ontario, August 8–11, 1991

Compiled and edited by Douglas Glynn

"About one in two (teens), indeed, say they agree with the view that older generations have screwed up the world so much it’s probably up to teens to save it."
– Catherine Murray, Vice-President, Decima Research




Couchiching's Diamond Jubilee



Youth: Canada's Future