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History Table of Contents
Summer Conference 1999 Science, Ethics & Human Destiny
68th Annual Couchiching Summer Conference
Davies, Paul
Gray, John
Kingwell, Mark
Knoppers, Bartha Maria
Maddox, Sir John
McDonald, Art
Miller, Sherrill
Milne, Courtney
Murchland, Bernard
Percy, John
Polanyi, John
Savory, Eve
Schabas, Margaret
Serageldin, Ismail
Somerville, Margaret
Strong, Maurice
Worton, Dr. Ronald

Proceedings of the 68th Annual Couchiching Conference held at
YMCA Geneva Park, Orillia, Ontario
August 5 to 8, 1999


Who's Who at the Couchiching Institute on Public Affairs

    Officers & Directors, 1998-99

Trevor Bartram

Immediate Past President
Patrick Boyer, QC

Vice-President, Program
F.W. Orde Morton

Margaret Lefebvre

Vice-President, Finance and Fund Raising
David McGown

Vice-President, Communications
David Lakoff

Vice-President, Marketing and Membership
Jan-Marie Divok

Chair, Youth Affairs
Matthew Glogowski

Dougal Clark

Chair, Western Canada
Catherine Aczél Boivie

Chair, 1999 Conference
Elizabeth Dowdeswell

Chair, Year Round Programming
Bobbi Speck


Madeline-Ann Aksich
Andre Beaulieu
Gloria Bishop
Marc Boudreau
Cameron Campbell
Maurice Copithorne
Martha Findlay
John Harbron
Megan Harris
John Kirton
Eric Koch
Madeline Koch
Eliane Labendz
Gordon McIvor
Christy Nicholson
Alan Pearson
Stephen Probyn
Bill Roberts
Barbara Thompson

    Program Committee

Orde Morton
Trevor Bartram
Gloria Bishop
Elizabeth Dowdeswell
Martha Findlay
John Harbron
Megan Harris
John Kirton
Eric Koch
Eliane Labendz
Margaret Lefebvre
Keith Martin
David McGown
Christy Nicholson
Alan Pearson
Bill Roberts
Bobbi Speck
Mark Stewart

1999 Donations to Couchiching

    Government and Corporate Sponsors

Bank of Montreal
Canada Lands Company
Canada Post
Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce
Canadian National
Certified General Accountants’
Association of Canada
Donner Canadian Foundation
Glen Ardith-Frazer Corporation
Henry of Pelham Estate Winery
Jackman Foundation
J.P. Bickell Foundation
Metrix Interlink
Molson Breweries
North American Broadcasters’ Association
Pagecraft Computer Services
Probyn and Company
Probyn Eastman Ltd.
Royal Bank of Canada
The Frank Lucas Foundation
The Marjorie & Gerald Bronfman Foundation
TrizecHahn Corporation

    Individual Sponsors

Lois Bobier
Catherine Aczel Boivie
Roel and Dorothy Buck
John Butcher
Barbara Eastman
Martha Findlay
Gary Gibson
Alan B. Gold
Barbara Gory
Morton Katz
Gordon K. McIvor
James McKay
Susan O’Hara
Michael Shaw
Ida and Dave Shea
Joanne Steadman
Eileen Swinton
Reginald Weiser

National Essay Competition Sponsors

    Certified General Accountants’ Association of Canada
    Canada Lands Company Limited
    Canada Post

    Individual Donors

    Bunnie Berke
    John Butcher
    John Desmarais
    Alan B. Gold
    George Grills
    Roderick McFayden
    Chantal Perrot
    Gisele Richardson
    Joanne Steadman
    Guthrie Stewart
    Aczél Fund Donations
    Catherine Aczél Boivie
    Margaret Duffy
    Kurt Swinton Memorial Fund Donations
    Roel and Dorothy Buck
    Paul Gavrel
    John MacMillan
    Eileen Swinton

Conference Program

    President's Message
    Thursday, August 5,1999, 7:25 p.m.


    Contemporary Astronomy: Where are we in time and space?
    Thursday, August 5,1999, 7:30 p.m.

    JOHN PERCY, Department of Astronomy, University of Toronto
    Moderator: ROBERT SLATER, Senior Assistant Deputy Minister, Environment Canada

    Science and Technology: To what will they lead us?
    Friday, August 6,1999, 9:30 a.m.

    SIR JOHN MADDOX, Former Editor, Nature
    ART McDONALD, Director, Sudbury Neutrino Observatory
    DR. RONALD WORTON, CEO and Scientific Director, Ottawa Hospital Research Institute, University of Ottawa
    BARTHA MARIA KNOPPERS, Centre de Recherches en Droit Public, Université de Montreal
    Moderator: ELIZABETH DICKSON, former advisor to the Secretary-General of the OECD

    Department of Chemistry, University of Toronto
    A Personal Perspective, Friday, August 6,1999, 12:30 p.m.

    Moderator: MEGAN HARRIS, Director, CIPA

    When Science Meets Culture: What do we do with scientific knowledge?
    Friday, August 6,1999, 2:00 p.m.

    MARGARET SCHABAS, Department of Philosophy, York University
    MARK KINGWELL, Department of Philosophy, University of Toronto
    EVE SAVORY, Documentary Reporter, The National, CBC
    Moderator: ERIC KOCH, Board of Directors, CIPA

    Keynote Address: Are we alone? The search for life beyond Earth
    Friday, August 6,1999, 7:30 p.m.

    PAUL DAVIES, Visiting Professor at Imperial College, London;
    Honorary Professor, University of Queensland, South Australia
    Moderator: ORDE MORTON, Vice-President, Program, CIPA

    Governance and Vision: Will global interdependence be our destiny?
    Saturday, August 7,1999, 9:30 a.m.

    ISMAIL SERAGELDIN, Vice-President, The World Bank
    Respondent: MAURICE STRONG, Chairman of the Earth Council
    Moderator: ELIZABETH DOWDESWELL, Chair, 1999 Conference, CIPA

    The Sacred Earth
    Saturday, August 7,1999, 8:00 p.m.

    COURTNEY MILNE, Photographer and Author, Earth Vision Productions
    SHERRILL MILLER, Researcher and Writer, Earth Vision Productions
    Moderator: BILL ROBERTS, Director, CIPA

    Ethics and a Sense of Meaning: What is it that we must do?
    Sunday, August 8,1999, 9:30 a.m.

    MARGARET SOMERVILLE, McGill Centre for Medicine, Ethics and Law
    BERNARD MURCHLAND, Trumball Duval Professor of Philosophy, Ohio Wesleyan University
    Moderator: DONALD WIEBE, Dean of Divinity, Trinity College, University of Toronto

    Science, Ethics and Human Destiny: A Synthesis
    Sunday, August 8,1999, 12:00 p.m.

    JOHN GRAY, Playwright
    Moderator: TREVOR BARTRAM, President, CIPA