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1999 Winter Conference
Winter Conference 1999
The New Europe and the Atlantic Relationship
Growth, change and opportunities...a comprehensive evaluation


By Donald Coxe, Chairman and Chief Strategist,
Harris Investment Management Inc.

  • The Euro is probably not a replacement for the dollar -- or even for the yen.
  • A single currency should represent a single economy with internal substitutionality: the Euro doesn't and probably won't
  • Canada is virtually unaffected because Canada does 80% of its trade with the US, and most of its external debt is US dollar-denominated
  • The Euro was conceived in envy at a time when the only challenge to price stability came from inflation. It is launched at a time when the primary challenge to price stability comes from deflation.
  • 11 languages and cultures -- one currency. A mini-esperanto.
  • It was conceived at a time when virtually all European governments were centre-right; today nine participants are left or centre-left; only Spain and Ireland are centre-right; the ECB is bound to face problems in its control structure when the next recession comes, amid rapidly-deteriorating European demography.