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A recap of the week in local sports plus an interview with Heather Keachie on the 83rd Couchiching Conference which is discussing the Psyche of Sport View Article

Former WADA President Dick Pounds talks about the current use of drugs in sport  View Article



August 11,Couchiching Conference Closes on New Beginnings, Katherine Ward  View Article

August 9,  Orillia Packet, Paul Martin Addresses Couchiching Conference, Frank Matys  View Article

August 9, Orillia Conference Focuses on First Nations People,  Heather Wright  View Article

August 7, Couchiching Conference Set, Jim Birchard  View Article

July 15, Twin Lakes Today: Leon Thompson talks About the 2013 Couchiching View Article 

July 3, 2013:  Orillia Packet and Times, Focus is On First Nations, Gisele Winton Sarvis View Article 

July 2, 2013 Nation Talk View Article 

June 10, 2013: Sisters of St. Joseph of Toronto: Coming Together as One: View Article 

February 6,2013,Couchiching Institute: a civil place to disagree View Article 

January 30: Carney to Receive Couchiching Public Policy Award - View Article



December 21: Canadian Government Executive: Salim Rachid, Resetting the Lens on the Arab Spring - View Article

August 14: The Atlantic Council: Alexander Corbeil, Couchiching Institute’s Arab Spring Conference: Bringing a Human Approach to the Uprisings in the Middle East View Article 

August 14:The Arabist: Ahmed Benchemsi on Secularists in the Arab World. View Article

August 13: Haaretz: Exclusive interview with Akiva EldarView Article

August 6: The Hill Times View Article

August 6: Embassy Magazine View Article

April 3: the Toronto Star, Bruce DeMara, The Future of the CBC Needs Great Debate From Canadians - View Article

March 28: Kingston Herald, Heather Denise, Queen's University Chancellor Awarded For Public Policy Leadership, view article

March 28: Bloomberg Businessweek, CNW, David Dodge Awarded 2012 Couchiching Award for Public Policy Leadership, view article


August 17: Calgary Herald, Nenshi: I ran because I drew the short straw - View Article 

August 11: The Toronto Star, by Carol Goar: “A Place Where Ideas Bloom” - View PDF

August 9: Blog, Eric Koch’s “Sketches,” : “What do Jay Naidoo and Naheed Nenshi Have in Common?” - View PDF

August 8: The Huffington Post, by the Hon. Carolyn Bennett: “Democracy Between Elections, Part Two: Rob Ford's Public Consultation as a Circus” - View PDF 

August 8: “Meslin for Mayor” - View PDF


August 10: The Globe and Mail – Canada’s innovation malaise: The cure’s in our culture - View Article | View PDF

August 10: Alex Himelfarb – The Role of the State: The Couchiching Panel - View Article

August 10: Alex Himelbarb – Couchiching: Fun to Say and Fun to Visit - View Article 

August 9: Eric Koch – Watershed Moment or Wasted Opportunity - View Article 

August 9: Orillia Packet & Times – Go global or go home - View ArticleView PDF

August 9: The Globe and Mail – Former finance minister surveys the twisty road to recovery - View Article | View PDF

August 9: CTV News – Taking on the world economy's “800-pound gorilla” - View Article | View PDF

August 8: CTV News – Hammering out the role of state, post meltdown 
- View Article | View PDF

August. 7: The Globe and Mail – Success of globalization rests with G20, Paul Martin says 
- View Article | View PDF

August 7: The Globe and Mail – Governance and its discontents 

- View Article | View PDF

August 7: The Globe and Mail – Lauded economist slams census decision 

- View Article | View PDF

August 7: National Post – “Couch” potatoes cook up fiscal ideas - View Article | View PDF

August 7: National Post – Flaherty offers apology for income trust hurt 

- View Article | View PDF

August 6: National Post – World economy “not out of the woods yet,” says Flaherty 
- View Article | View PDF

August 6: National Post – Couchiching Conference host to casual discussions of fiscal ideas - View Article | View PDF

August 6: The Globe and Mail – An eloquent reminder of how crisis spurs innovation 
- View Article | View PDF

August 6: – Canada played key role: Flaherty 

- View Article | View PDF

August 6: CTV News – We're “punching above our weight”: Flaherty 

- View Article | View PDF

August 6: The Globe and Mail – “Ideological purity” won't blind Jim Flaherty to role of government - View Article | View PDF

August 4: CTV News – Economy goes into the wild at Couchiching - View Article | View PDF 

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