Couchiching Roundtables consist of a different kind of extension of the summer conference to the city. An invited speaker leads a discussion in a comfortable meeting room, usually with refreshments, around a  table (generally square!) in a warm convivial atmosphere.

In the Couchiching tradition, our guests and participants are invited to speak openly and frankly and to engage in non-partisan, provocative, and free debate.

Roundtables are often a little bigger than Conversations and, depending on the location and the refreshments, involve a small cost.

Past roundtables have included fascinating and sold-out topics and speakers in Toronto, Ottawa, Orillia, and Vancouver, including:

In Ottawa, Alex Himelfarb, Director of the Glendon School of Public and International Affairs and the Centre for Global Challenges & former Clerk of the Privy Council, and Munir Sheikh, Distinguished Fellow, School of Policy Studies Queen’s University and Canada’s Former Chief Statistician, discussing “Yes, Minister” or “No, Minister”?

Also in Ottawa, Nathalie Des Rosiers, General Counsel of the Civil Liberties Association of Canada, speaking on “Demonstrations and Civil Society: From Toronto to Tunisia to Egypt — And Beyond?”

In Orillia, and in partnership with Lakehead University, Jennifer Carter, Assistant Professor in the Museum Studies program in the Faculty of Information at the University of Toronto, on the fascinating areas in which museums and social activism cross paths.

In Vancouver, Audrey Rockingham Gill, a “backroom girl” with 30 years of political experience, on “All you ever wanted to know about the political backroom and didn’t know whom to ask.”

In Toronto, award-winning novelist Terry Fallis on The Best Laid Plans and political humour in Canada. Check out what is happening in your community!

2016 Summer Conference

The Canada Project

Identity, Citizenship, and Nationhood in a Changing World

August 5-7, 2016
The YMCA Geneva Park Conference Centre, Orillia, ON

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